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Pattern & Colour

With remodelling of the master bedroom wing and a 4th bedroom transforming to a study it was now time to refresh the interior and furnishings of this large split-level bungalow.

We like colour & pattern said the client. Considering my fondness for wallpapers I loved hearing this.

So, I set to work. A new palette of greys, whites with dashes of her favourite colours purple and yellow became the theme for the residence.

This was expressed in wallpapers starting with a textured yellow paper for the upper hallway. Not only is this warm and dramatic it also welcomes and invites the family into this space.

Pattern & colour continued into master bedroom with the “Eden Birds” wallpaper. Colour was repeated in the ceiling to floor drapes, the headboard and dressing room wall.

I balanced the vibrancy of these colours with warm solids, white bedding, white walls, white ceiling and a neutral fur throw on the bed. 

In the study a whole story was unfolding. Colour and style were introduced with the Black Edition wallpaper a contemporary take on a classic floral created a watercolour effect with flashes of vibrant colour. A hexagonal black light fitting adds a modern touch. The previously dull grey flagstone fireplace was transformed simply by the application of a soft pearlescent duchess satin paint. An elegant oak desk and drapes completed the room. 

This has become a favourite room of the client where she can carry out her work and in winter has the cosiness of a crackling fire.

The main living room end wall was papered in an Elitis “natives” wallpaper. New furnishings were selected in neutral tones to work with the existing colours in the kitchen and dining room. 

The ensuite bathroom was given a pop of colour by the green mosaic tile and the soft honey coloured travertine, whilst the powder room white tiles contrasted nicely with dark timber shelves.

The result, harmonious living for all.